The Key Competencies of Team Work

Isn’t it interesting that when we talk about how students learn we mention words like “connected”, “collaboration”, “relationships” “interaction” and how the Key Competencies (KC’s) are an important part of the curriculum yet when we don’t always apply these to how we work together as teachers?

If we are to model to students how to work together to create meaningful learning then shouldn’t we be following the KC’s too?

An effective team of teachers, whether in a team-teaching environment or in a more traditional syndicate, need to work closely together to share ideas and discuss them regularly. One may not always agree on what somebody else has to say but disagreement or dissonance (love that word) is how we shape our ideas and reflect on our teaching philosophy. The aim is not to become cut-out teachers from the same mould for that would be boring and a little impractical.  Differences in teaching style are good. Interest in different areas of the curriculum are good. New ideas are fantastic! A team therefore needs to have some differences but also have cohesiveness. United but original.

How the KC’s might look like in a teaching team:

Reflective practice. Sharing ideas. Talking regularly.

Relating to Others
Establishing clear communication. Listening. Talking. Working together.

Understanding Languages, Symbols and Text
Having a common understanding of pedagogy that underpins our practice. Knowing about educational trends, ideas and language.

Managing Self
Effective communication. Being professional. Taking on roles and responsibilities to benefit the team.

Participating and Contributing
Being a member of a team. Bringing ideas to the team. Sharing at meetings. Sharing resources. Looking after each other, supporting each other.

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