What is my why?

This post is inspired by an incredible day at Educamp Welly.

This question popped up a few times today. Simon Sinek talks about the “why” that then empowers the “what” and the “how” to happen.

My “why” is driven by who I am as a person, the values I bring and the kaupapa that I want to share. Having worked across early childhood, primary and secondary I view all children as confident and capable. Regardless of how old they are, where they were born, their differences in learning, they are all children with potential. These children are citizens of the world. We are passing to them our mistakes. They have the ability to make positive changes both here in the present and as they grow into the future.

To get to the point in which they feel they can make a difference they must first understand that they belong and have a place in this world. They need to feel connected, whether that be culturally or socially. They have to know that they are safe and cared for.

Therefore, I see my role as a teacher to make sure that I live and breathe Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) for it really is the tie that binds us as a society in New Zealand. To understand our future, we must understand our past. Participation, Protection and Partnership. Te Ao Māori has so much to offer us, if we let it.

I am also there to nurture and grow capability in students and make them feel that they matter. Whānaungatanga – they are part of my family. We must learn to accept each other for our similarities and our differences. Our world is too full of hate.

Last but not least there is Papatūānuku, the whenua. I feel so strongly about caring for the environment, about being sustainable and connecting with nature as part of our hauora (wellbeing). I’ve got a chance to let my students share this passion too.

So that is my why.

What’s yours?

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